The Direct Mail & Distribution Specialists

bmail are the publishers of Brisbane’s largest lifestyle magazine, bmag. For the past 10 years, bmail have built extensive knowledge and experience in both printing and distribution, particularly in the Brisbane direct mail market, but bmail also operates nationally.

bmail is a full service mail and distribution company offering a wide range of printing, design, distribution and data services. As a subsidiary company of bmag, bmail has access to significant discounts on printing and distribution.

The bmag print run alone equals more than 11 million magazines per annum utilising 2000 tonnes of paper giving us incredible buying power. In addition to localised Brisbane metro print and distribution campaigns of between 50-500,000 units, bmail also operates an Australia-wide service for many of our clients with print runs in excess of 1-3 million units.

bmail employs a range of full-time designers and can also offer a design services if required.

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